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BAR CLARKE, President

Bar Clarke, member of the Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA) since 2005,  has spent the last 25 years working with adolescents and young adults. A graduate of Marlboro College, Bar started his teaching and dorm parent duties at The Deck House School in Edgecomb ME.  After 3 years in Mid-Coast Maine, Bar traveled to Gaborone, Botswana where he ran the Drama Department, taught English, and coached various sports at the Maru-a-Pula School.

In 1996 Bar returned to the States to help revive The Deck House School. While there he served in a variety of capacities including teacher, admissions coordinator, Assistant Headmaster and Headmaster. It was after a wonderful 8 years at Deck House that the opportunity arose for Bar to join an established educational consulting firm based in Westport, CT.

During his 9 years as an IEC, including 5 as the Director of Special Needs Services with Camille M. Bertram Educational Consultants in Westport CT and 4 as President of Loeta Educational Consultants, Bar has visited over 200 traditional schools, therapeutic schools, RTC’s, wilderness programs, drug and alcohol rehab facilities and young adult programs, and has worked with hundreds of families. Bar has also served on the Board of Directors of IECA, including serving as the Vice-President for Education.  In 2012 Bar took a brief sabbatical from being a full-time IEC, and served as Executive Director of Academy at Swift River, a therapeutic boarding school in Western MA.  Bar returned to the fold of full-time independent educational consulting in October, 2013.

"We are all traveling together on this journey and will be making new discoveries along the way. I will learn from you and you from me. I will assemble the best possible team to guide you through your difficult times, and will be with you every step of the way." -Bar Clarke

Bar can be reached at bar@loetaeducation.com


"It is hard to put into words how grateful I am for your help as we have traversed the past several rough years with (our son). Having your expertise and your calm, professional and thoughtful manner to rely on was truly a life ring to grab onto when we were at our worst. In particular, I appreciate the fact that you were unfailingly unflappable, even when things got pretty crazy. Whatever the problem was, you got down to business to find a solution, with empathy and thankfully even a sense of humor. You also were consistently attuned to what we wanted for our son, and really partnered with us through the (several) placement decisions we had to make. Your personal support and consultation with us during (our son)’s wilderness experience was so steadying, it helped us find the strength to keep moving forward.

It’s hard to believe that (our son) is now mid-way through his freshman year at an excellent art school in New York City. Even more amazing, he and I have a loving and close relationship with each other. Your guidance and support along this path has been tremendous."

-a grateful parent

Latest News

After program visits and the Fall IECA Conference in CA, Bar also took in trips to UT to visit with wilderness programs, and was a guest at the first ever FITS Conference in Dallas, TX. The brainchild of the fine folks at Second Nature Wilderness Programs, The Foundations for Innovative Treatment Solutions Conference brought together over 100 IEC's, Program Directors, Interventionists and other professionals to discuss ways we can work collaboratively to assist families in need.